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Scienter Story

Scienter Technologies is an industry-defining intelligent solutions provider since its innovative initiation in 1995. Introducing many digital avenues to various industries in Sri Lanka, the organization excelled in providing highly sophisticated, bespoke digital solutions. With cutting edge research and a highly skilled workforce, Scienter has developed Multiple Web & Mobile Intelligent Solutions with effective results tested and proven in markets worldwide. We empower businesses to thrive.

Sailing to


Our Legacy is the synergy of our team. We comprise the nation's most experienced, talented and highly skilled workforce.

Scienter believes in continuous progress achieved through passionate focus. Our team idealizes a progressive work culture that encourages pragmatic, reliable solutions in output objectives. We have contributed to multiple industries and businesses globally. At Scienter, our service goes beyond the solutions we provide. Our clientele has expanded through reliable recommendations & resonance of success.

We were awarded multiple prestigious awards in celebrating our technical innovation and achievement on a global standard. We believe our full resilience is merely ahead of our journey.

Our Vision

To lead the industry as the preferred Information Technology partner.

Our Mission

We empower organizations not just technology solutions. We Value our team not just provide employment. We build relationships not just customer portfolio




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